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Youth Info

Hamilton County Llamas functions as a Co-op.  What does this mean?  We work together to take care of the llamas and the farm.  

What will I be expected to do?

Each youth is expected to completed chores twice a month.  This includes feeding the llamas and cleaning the poop from the pastures and stalls.  We work together, so you never have to do it all alone.  Youth will also need to participated in 3 herd checks.  This happens every 6 weeks and is a day where all the llamas are checked over to make sure everyone is healthy.  Farm days also happen at various points in the year and members should attend at least one.  These are days where we make sure the farm is taken care of a prepped for the different needs each season brings.  There are also multiple fun community events that the youth can participate in to help share their love of llamas with others in the community.  

In exchange you get to rent a llama for the 4-H show season.  During the 4-H season there are weekly meeting to help you learn how to care for and show your llama.  Through this program youth get to learn the joy and responsibility of livestock without having an animal live at your house. 

Membership Fees Info


One time New Youth Membership fee- $25

First Youth- $400 annually*

Second Youth- $360 annually*

Third Youth- $340 annually*

**Can be paid in full or in payments**

If you have additional questions about joining HCL, please complete the form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible.