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Located in central Indiana, Hamilton Co. Llamas, Inc. (HCL) is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides the opportunity for youth to lease llamas to participate in the 4-H Llama Project, as well as provide options to show llamas through national associations.  

Operated as a co-op, youth members and their families share in the care and maintenance of the llamas and the farm.  

HCL members are also registered members of Hamilton County 4-H Llama Trekkers.  More information about the Hamilton County 4-H program is located here.

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Core HCL Activities

Llama Care

HCL members operate as a co-op and, working together, take care of the entire llama herd of approximately 50-60 llamas.   This includes daily chores (feed and clean pens), maintenance of animals (medicines, weight checks, etc.), and overall care - as well as training!  Members are responsible for completing chores twice a month and participating in herd care days throughout the year.

Farm Management

HCL members take care of the leased farm property for the llamas, including fencing, feeding areas and soil.  Members are required to participate in farm days throughout the year.

Community Events

HCL members participate in various community events, including parades, and also offer walk-a-llama opportunities throughout the year.

Special Activities

HCL members participate in special events, including visits to nursing homes, attendance at birthday parties and other celebrations, and appearances on Zoom meetings. 

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Hamilton Co. Llamas, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in Indiana.  

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