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The Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. (HCL) was formed for the sole purpose of making llamas available to the youth of Hamilton County, Indiana to lease for, including but not limited to, participation in and completing the County 4-H Llama Project.

When enrolled in the 4-H Llama Project, all youth will learn about llama health care and attend workshops to train their llama to show at the annual Hamilton County Fair.  Visit the Hamilton County 4-H site for more information, and the 4-H enrollment site here.

All members who lease a llama or attend workshops on the property where the llamas are housed must be a member of the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc.

All members who attend workshops on the HCL facility must be working with a llama. HCL Annual Fees will apply towards the farm location lease, animal care, and miscellaneous variable expenses as well as HCL workshop fees and special events.

Members of the Hamilton County Llamas, Inc. oversee, maintain, and care for all the llamas under the responsibility of the HCL.

Membership is yearly from October 1st to September 30th.   Membership fees are set annually by the Board of Directors and provided to families during the annual meeting.  

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Hamilton Co. Llamas, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization registered in Indiana.  

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